Back From Break, But Still Waiting For Breakout


The bond market theme heading into the Thanksgiving break was “waiting for a breakout.”

The bond market theme heading out of Thanksgiving break is still “waiting for a breakout.”

In other words, not much has changed, except for the relative deluge of volume and participation underlying today’s super narrow range.  That much is to-be-expected the first day back from what is essentially a 4-day weekend.  Even then, it wasn’t an incredibly active session by normal standards.

Bonds traded in fits and starts, with most of the volatility (again, this is occurring inside a narrow range) following the NYSE opening bell.  New Home Sales data was stronger than expected, but not a huge or long-lasting market mover.  Early strength turned into weakness between 9:40 and 10:30am ET.  Bonds then rallied back into just-barely-positive territory by noon and held flat for the rest of the day.

MBS Pricing Snapshot

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FNMA 3.5

102-27 : +0-02


10 YR

2.3312 : -0.0088

Pricing as of 11/27/17 5:16PMEST

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10:30AM  :  Bonds Near Unchanged Levels After Morning Data

MBS Live Chat Highlights

Hugh W. Page  :  “We take Home Cost/Value X 90% less $50,000 Homestead Exemption X Millage Rate to get Ad Valorem Taxes and you add Non Ad Valorem to that number to get estimated taxes. How’s that for simplicity?”

Sung Kim  :  “no, we don’t use that term “mill” rate in the big urban cities with high speed internet”

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