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2017-11-28 21:33:52


The value of one bitcoin has appreciated 1,257.9% in the past year, rising to $9,930 from $731.27 as of the time of this publication. Comparatively, the S&P 500 and MSCI Emerging Markets indexes were up 20.6% and 35.6% over the past year, respectively. The cryptocurrency’s rise hasn’t been a smooth, during the year it experienced 56 periods of negative 20-day returns, 36 of which were more than a 5% loss; eight were less than 20%. The more broadly diversified equity indexes traded in ranges between -5% and 5% over the same period.

For further reference, was up 55% over the trailing 12 months, with 20-day returns spread out a bit more than the mean compared to the indexes, including 81 periods of +5% returns.

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