Don’t be greedy, buy Celgene here

Don't be greedy, buy Celgene here

Celgene Corporation: “I think right now [is a good time to get back into Celgene]. I mean, I wish I could say, ‘Under $100,’ but you know what? Let’s not be greedy. This one is way too low versus the fundamentals. I’m a buyer of Celgene here.”

ON Semiconductor Corp.: “ON is right in that sweet spot of the internet of things. You know I like the semis that are like that, and they’re all capable of merging with each other at any given moment.”

California Resources Corp.: “No, that is way too risky. That’s a spin-off of Occident[al Petroleum]. I really don’t want you to be in that one at all. I think it’s up a lot and you can take advantage of it and blow out of it.”

Southwestern Energy Co.: “Southwestern’s just not a high-quality company anymore. They spent too much money. I don’t really care for the natural gas companies. I’m going to say no to Southwest. Maybe you get a point, but that’s not my style.”

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