How Gen Z wants to shop and pay


Youngest generation likes remote inventory-checking, ‘just walk-out’ purchasing

Sabrina Karl

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Behind millennials is the next wave of American consumers, Generation Z, and they have specific ideas about what they’d like and dislike in their future shopping experiences.

According to a new survey from global payment services provider Adyen, close to 4 in 10 consumers age 18-22 (38 percent) prefer paying a live associate at the register when they shop, while a third (33 percent) say they prefer using self-checkout lanes.

But “just walk out” purchasing, in which a mobile app simply charges you for any items you take out of the store, holds strong appeal for future shopping, with 39 percent of Gen Z respondents saying they’d like to have this option. This is the concept behind the Amazon Go store in Seattle and scan-and-go shopping that Walmart is rolling out at more of its stores.

A significant 35 percent of young consumers said they do not want biometric measures, such as fingerprint, facial and voice recognition, to be part of their shopping experience. Meanwhile, 2 in 3 (66 percent) indicated they’d be more likely to visit a store if they could check on current stock beforehand.

Adyen’s “Meet Your Future Power Shopper: Gen Z” report was released in late September. The report is based on findings from its February 2017 online survey of more than 2,000 U.S. consumers age 18-55.

Infographic: How Generation Z wants to pay and shop

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