Planning for a baby with the right card


Babies bring love, joy – and bills. Strategizing how you’ll
pay those bills ahead of time can make the transition easier and help you bank
some much-needed credit card rewards in the process.

Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out ouf your credit card as you welcome the new member of your family.

1. Use a great rewards card for doctor and hospital bills.

The biggest chunk of money you’ll spend will likely be on
doctors and hospital bills, making choosing the right rewards card crucial. Go
for a card with generous cash back offer. Several cards in today’s market now
offer an unlimited 2 percent back on all your purchases.

2. Pick the right card for your new lifestyle.

If you’re used to collecting travel rewards, consider if
you’ll be needing all those airline points in the near future. With a baby, you
may be more homebound and find a cash back card more useful. Or, if you
anticipate having a balance on your card, go for a 0 percent interest card
so you don’t have to worry about extra costs as you’re worrying about an extra mouth
to feed.

3. Find the right retail card to save big.

If you’re not a fan of retail cards, you’re not alone. But
this is one time where they can save you a lot money as you purchase a
stroller, bassinet, crib, baby monitor, car seat and other big-ticket items. Find
a retailer that offers a great discount for all of your purchases with the
store card, not just when you sign up.

4. Find stores that reward for registries.

Register with as many retailers as possible, since many baby
stores will offer the parents an extra discount for purchases if they are
registered. Sites like Amazon will offer you an extra 15 percent discount if
you end up buying everything that is left on your registry.

As you spend more time cuddling and kissing, it will feel
extra comforting to know your card is delivering a little gift of its own as
you embark on the journey of parenthood.

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