Ride through this dip in Tower Semiconductor

Ride through this dip in Tower Semiconductor

Tower Semiconductors Ltd.: “Here’s the problem with Tower Semi: it is a semiconductor stock, and right now, they’re for sale. If I didn’t own any stock, I’d wait a couple days. If I owned it, I’d say fine, I’ve got to ride it through.”

Momo Inc.: “No. I would not [consider it the new Facebook of China]. I consider it a company that I think is a very speculative situation that I cannot get my arms around, so I am going to say skip it. And Facebook, that’s down 4 percent. Get that one down a little more and I think that you could actually buy that.”

New Residential Investment Corp.: “Here’s my problem: when I see that yield, an 11 percent yield, that, to me, is a red flag. I don’t really know what they own, they’re investing in residential housing, who really understands? I’d like to see more of the product and, mostly, I want to see them come on the show and then we can make a judgment.”

NetEase Inc.: “Oh, jeez. Man, that is up 50 percent. It’s another one of these companies from China. Let’s not take any chances. Let’s just cut that one in half and let the rest run.”

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