Play the political roller-coaster to your benefit

Play the political roller-coaster to your benefit

Toll Brothers: Cramer sees luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers, which reports earnings Tuesday, as one of the top companies in the red-hot housing sector.

“We have had a weird confluence of a lack of housing supply combined with homebuyers wanting to lock in a mortgage before interest rates get too high. Toll has been able to parlay that into some unbelievably good earnings,” the “Mad Money” host said.

Autozone: After Advance Auto Parts’ strong earnings report, Cramer expects good things from Autozone’s, even though both stocks have declined on concerns that Amazon might force its way into the auto parts sector.

But “as we saw this week with Kroger, even companies in Amazon’s crosshairs can thrive,” Cramer said. “Autozone’s one of them.”

Dave & Buster’s: Cramer’s been a fan of experiential gaming-meets-dining play Dave & Buster’s, even though the stock is down 6 percent for the year.

The company reports earnings on Tuesday, and Cramer had faith that management would speak to its millennial draw and the overall strength of the business.

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