Under Armour might just turn around

Under Armour might just turn around

Under Armour: “There will be no takeover here because they have different classes of stock. What I do think will happen is, after a couple of quarters, they’re going to come out of this because [CEO] Kevin Plank is re-focused. But boy, they’ve got a lot of personnel changes, and I can’t have great conviction when I see that much personnel change. I really can’t. I wish I could.”

IBM: “I think IBM is trying to bottom here. I think you’ve got Warren Buffett out there selling it. I think it’s a breakout quarter because they’re going to shift to new mainframes.”

Workday: “I actually liked the quarter. Did it deserve to sell off like this? Eh, you know what? All the high-multiple tech stocks are selling off. But I think if you had to start a position, I would start it right here.”

NextEra Energy: “NextEra is a great utility and I like them very much. It’s a good stock.”

Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile: “Sociedad Quimica is a good company, but it’s not as good as the ones that I recommended [as electric car plays]. It just really isn’t.”

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