CenturyLink’s yield is a ‘total red flag’

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CenturyLink: “That’s got a 14 percent yield, which is a total red flag. I don’t like the stock and I don’t like the stadium either, for that matter.”

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.: “I think that what you have to do first is go with the traditionals. You have to buy an Intel or a Texas Instruments before you go down the food chain like this, because that’s what’s going to bottom first.”

Praxair Inc.: “What a winner that is. Just hold onto it. It’s doing fine.”

Lam Research Corporation: “You’ve got to go over what Katy Huberty said, from Morgan Stanley. She’s saying that flash is going to roll over. Lam makes machines to make flash. If that’s the case, then that stock is rolling over, too, and it makes a lot of sense. I happen to think Lam’s a great company, but I’m not going to stick my head in the Lam lion’s den, not yet. I’ve got to wait to see it go to where all the sellers are done, and the panicked sellers are still very much in there.”

Sogou Inc.: “Another Beijing company. I’m not going to recommend it. These companies, other than Alibaba, I’m not touching ’em.”

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