Hiccups at register slow mobile pay adoption


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research shows mobile payment usage is actually down compared to 2016, and it appears glitches at the register are at least partly to

Consulting Group surveyed U.S. consumers who have both a mobile pay-compatible
device and a credit card, and found that more than a third (37 percent) have
encountered a problem when attempting to use mobile pay at a store register.

biggest stumbling block was store personnel who were unfamiliar with the mobile
pay process, reported by more than half of the respondents (55 percent). The
point-of-sale terminal itself also contributed to hiccups, with 46 percent of
affected consumers saying they had a transaction not go through and 35 percent
reporting a terminal simply took too long.

percent of consumers who experienced a problem said they received a card error
screen, which could be related to the functionality of the terminal or to the
card linked to the consumer’s mobile pay app. In a smaller number of cases, the
transaction processed incorrectly (17 percent) or the consumer experienced an
issue specific to their device (14 percent).

Consulting Group is a management consulting firm specializing in payments and
lending. Its online survey was conducted in July and August 2017 among 1,505 mobile pay-eligible
consumers, with results released Oct. 25, 2017.

Hiccups at register slow mobile pay adoption

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