Silicon Valley Investor Takes Leave of Absence After Harassment Reports

Silicon Valley Investor Takes Leave of Absence After Harassment Reports

2017-12-05 22:12:22


Shervin Pishevar is stepping away from Sherpa Capital and the boards of several other companies after reports that five women have accused him of sexual harassment or assault.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Shervin Pishevar, a Silicon Valley investor, is taking a leave of absence from his venture capital firm and the boards of several companies he sits on amid reports that he sexually harassed or assaulted five women.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mr. Pishevar said he was taking a leave from Sherpa Capital, the venture firm he co-founded; the transportation company Virgin Hyperloop One, which he also helped found; as well as other company boards.

“This was a decision I came to and proposed on my own accord,” Mr. Pishevar said in the statement.

Mr. Pishevar, 43, is among several technology investors who have been accused of sexual misconduct this year, many of them as part of an investigation conducted this summer by The New York Times. Dave McClure, a venture capitalist at 500 Startups, stepped down from the incubator this year and apologized for his behavior with women, and Steve Jurvetson, another venture capitalist, quit his firm last month after it began an investigation into how he treated women.

The accusations against Mr. Pishevar, which were earlier reported by Bloomberg, follow heightened scrutiny of sexual misconduct in workplaces. After The Times reported on how the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein had settled numerous cases involving accusations of harassment, a tidal wave of women have come forward to talk about their own experiences. In recent weeks, many prominent men have lost jobs after harassment allegations, including the television hosts Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose.

Bloomberg reported that five women had said Mr. Pishevar sexually assaulted or harassed them, often making unwanted advances while offering the prospect of a job or an investment.

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