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Pretty much everyone who belongs to a frequent-flyer program
is familiar with the ubiquitous 12,500-mile domestic saver one-way award on
airlines such as United and American, but what if I told you that you could fly
on that very same domestic flight, operated by those very same U.S.-based airlines,
for only 7,500 miles? If you don’t book the award directly with United or
American but instead book with one of their partners, this is a distinct

Not all miles and points are created equally, and every
award chart has its own point redemption valuations for various flights. On most award charts
you will find “sweet spots” on airline partner programs where a particular award is priced very
competitively and offers a better value. Earning your
airline miles is half the battle, but the more-challenging half of the equation
is learning to use those miles like a pro by uncovering award chart sweet spots.

Let’s hop into three of my favorite airline award chart sweet spots for
domestic economy travel.

Fly United from 15,000
miles per round trip

United has a traditional airline award chart that charges
12,500 miles each way for a domestic economy saver award within the lower 48
states. Their domestic economy award availability at the saver level isn’t
perfect, but it is decent. United is in the Star Alliance network, which means it
has many other airline partners whose members can use their miles to book
flights operated by United when a saver award is available.

One of these Star Alliance partner programs is Avianca LifeMiles. You may not
have ever heard of the Colombian airline Avianca, but its LifeMiles program is a 1:1 transfer partner of the Citi
ThankYou program, so you can move your Citi ThankYou Premier and Citi ThankYou
credit card points into that program easily and instantly.

LifeMiles divides
the continental United States into three geographical zones, and travel
within a zone on Star Alliance partner United is as low as 15,000 miles round trip. I
live in Texas, which is in Zone 2 and extends as far east as Florida and as
far northwest as Montana. This means if I book my award flight via LifeMiles, I
could fly on United from Houston to Chicago, Miami or Bozeman, Montana, for
just 15,000 miles round trip instead of the 25,000 miles that United would want
for the same flights.

Fly American from
7,500 miles each way

Similar to the concept of flying United flights for less by
booking via its partner Avianca, you can book American Airlines flights for
less via British Airways
. These airlines are in the OneWorld Alliance and British
Airways uses a distance-based chart
to determine how many Avios points it
costs to fly on British Airways or their partners. For relatively short
domestic flights, this distance-based award chart can save you a lot of redeemable
miles. You can also transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points and AmEx Membership
Reward points to the British Airways program.

For nonstop flights up to 1,151 miles in length, British
Airways charges just 7,500 Avios. This means when a saver award is available,
you can fly on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Las Vegas or Miami to
New York City for just 7,500 Avios instead of 12,500 American Airlines miles. If
your nonstop flight is 1,152 – 2,000 miles, it will cost 10,000 British Airways
Avios each way. That is roughly the distance from New York City to Salt Lake City.

Another very handy feature of the British Airways program is
if you cancel a domestic economy flight booked on American Airlines at least 24
hours before departure, you will only lose the taxes paid on the flight, which
are often just $5.60. This is a much better than the $100 – $200 American would
charge for a close-in cancellation or change. British Airways also does not
charge any last-minute booking fees, unlike most of the U.S. airline programs.

Say Aloha to Hawaii
for just 12,500 miles

If you have Hawaii on your travel dream board, you
absolutely want to learn about Hawaii-specific airline award chart sweet spots.
Using the British Airways distance-based Avios award chart to fly on American Airlines or Alaska Airlines can get you nonstop from the West Coast to Hawaii for just 12,500
Avios each way, but that doesn’t really help those of us who live east of

Another program with a very favorable award chart for Hawaii
is Korean
, a transfer partner of the Chase Ultimate Rewards program, Korean SkyPass is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, along with Delta, and its
award chart groups Hawaii in with the rest of North America and charges 25,000 miles for an economy round trip from basically anywhere in North America
served by Delta to Hawaii. This is a much better deal than the 45,000 miles and
up that many U.S.-based airline programs would charge for a round trip to Hawaii.

It can feel a little overwhelming at first to start learning
about credit card transfer partners and booking award flights via a partner
airline, but doing so can save you tens of thousands of miles or more each
year. Start small and get your feet wet
with one new program at a time.

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