Don’t sell Ametek. It’s a winner

Ride through this dip in Tower Semiconductor

Ametek: “What I want to tell you is don’t sell. Don’t sell. I actually had been working on a big piece about it, so it kind of took the thunder out of things, but you’ve got a winner there.”

Hormel Foods: “Hormel and Smucker are both working here. I like Hormel. And I’m also going to throw in General Mills. That’s a twofer.”

Applied Materials: “It sold off because people feel that there’s not enough demand now for flash and that DRAMs are going to fall. I say that it’s spent enough time in the wilderness and it’s OK to buy.”

Nabors Industries: “That’s the worst one of them, but the chart’s good. I guess it can go to $9 if oil goes to $65.”

Southern Co.: “Not crazy about Southern. I don’t like that nuclear power stuff. Why don’t you upgrade to AEP?”

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