Stop talking, start buying Raytheon

ADP is 'in the sweet spot' of this economy

Raytheon: “You should buy Raytheon. Stop talking, start buying. The stock was down yesterday. I thought it was unbelievable that that stock was even down for a day with what we’ve got going on geopolitically.”

PG&E Corporation: “Man, that’s too risky, to be honest. We’ve got Dominion down big off this Scana [deal]. I’d rather do that than the open-ended losses for [PG&E].”

Flex: “I put that in the bullpen for club members of ActionAlerts and I never pulled the trigger and it’s been my bad and the stock’s not done going higher. I think it’s real good.”

Bank of America: “Yes. Going through $30’s actually a sign of health, not a sign of animal spirits. It’s just getting back on its game.”

GrubHub: “I think that this is indispensable. This company is indispensable. And they also won like Planet Fitness won. I think GrubHub’s a buy. I think they’re very smart guys.”

Square: “I think Square’s run a lot. It’s got to kind of bide its time. It’s too linked to crypto, not enough linked to what it really does, which is [to] help small- to mid-size businesses do well. It’s got to get out of the crypto world.”

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