Buy B&G Foods on its millennial advantage

Under Armour might just turn around

B&G Foods: “They’ve got that Green Giant just when millennials decided they wanted to start chomping in [the freezer] aisle. That’s a good buy, that stock. I know they had to do some equity and [had] a couple of shortfalls, but I like B&G here.”

Apollo Commercial Real Estate: “No, no. We don’t even know what they really own, and that’s the problem with these things. They’re just too dicey for me unless I have a read on what they really own.”

Kinder Morgan: “What can I say? It’s going to do well just because we’re out of pipe. It’s not my favorite. I like Magellan Midstream Partners, MMP, which somebody initiated with a sell today. That person ought to come see me.”

Royal Dutch Shell: “Royal Dutch Shell is not my favorite, but you know what? It’s not bad. I mean, I know that sounds like damning or faint praise, but I’ve just been so impressed with the big-caps [like] Chevron.”

Xilinx: “Boy, are you ever lucky. You know why? Because Goldman went from a hold to a buy to a conviction buy in one day. Now, [former CEO] Moshe Gavrielov did retire, but they are getting some really good business in the high-end communication stuff. I think you own it.”

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