The S&P 500’s biggest 2017 losers may be prime for speculation

The S&P 500's biggest 2017 losers may be prime for speculation

After analyzing the dogs of the S&P, Cramer concluded that forgiveness is more of a friend than a foe in this “beast” of a market.

“In a meaner, darker market, I’d say, ‘Don’t bother with any of these,'” he said. “But we’re in a market where last year’s third worst performer gets a takeover bid right out of the chute, where retail’s now looking up, where the weather’s so cold that it’s turning losers to winners.”

“The bottom line? Weirdly, almost every one of these losers has a decent speculative thesis,” Cramer continued. “It’s not exactly a buy list, but you know what? If you made it through 2017 with these, you might as well see what the beginning of 2018 brings before you jettison them just in case another Scana-style fairy tale comes true.”

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