Mercadolibre is even better than eBay was

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Mercadolibre Inc.: “It may have bearish tendencies, but it’s a bullish stock and it’s one of the few from Latin America that I like. I think it’s actually even better than eBay was. I think it’s got better growth. I really like it and I have since 1999.”

Nutrien Ltd: “Look, if you’re going to go anything ag[riculture], I’m going to send you to Deere. That’s just my go-to stock. I’m not changing.”

Analog Devices, Inc.: “ADI made that transformational merger. I want them back on the show. Those guys are great guys.”

Seattle Genetics, Inc.: “You know, Seattle Genetics is trading with all the biotechs and it shouldn’t. It’s got a lot of stuff in the pipeline, but let’s accept the fact that the biotechs … right now are in some sort of bearish phase. These always end.”

AbbVie Inc.: “AbbVie is just fabulous. I think it can still go higher even though it’s been a monster.”

Teradyne, Inc.: “Take out your cost basis [and] let the rest run. It’s a great company and I put it right in the category, by the way, with Lam Research.”

Antero Midstream Partners: “I’ve got to tell you, Antero is a very, very good company.”

Platform Specialty Products Corp.: “Don’t like Platform Specialty. Why? Because I think that DowDuPont, which is being run by Ed Breen, is a much better company. That’s the one I recommend in this sector, not Platform.”

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