Don’t bail on Regeneron. It’s a buy

Under Armour might just turn around

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.: “No. Regeneron is a buy, and a lot of people are giving up on this stock. It’s got so [many] irons in the fire, it’s crazy.”

Floor & Decor Holdings Inc.: “I say you buy, buy, buy because both floor and décor are red-hot and it gives you both.”

LG Display Co.: “I think that you should swap out of it and own OLED, even up here, because that stock is so bet against it’s crazy.”

Zagg Inc.: “You know, we used to zig when it was Zagg, but then we sat down with them. We liked the story very much. I’m sticking by it.”

Chegg Inc.: “We liked the stock at $3 bucks. We’re not backing away because [CEO] Dan Rosensweig … is doing a terrific job.”

Core Laboratories: “I like Core Labs, but no need to go there if you own Schlumberger. Stick with that horse and buy more if it goes back to $72.”

Cedar Fair, L.P.: “You know what, I like them. I like how they’re very streamlined and, most of all, I like the 5 percent yield.”

First Solar, Inc.: “It was up 10 percent today. We did a piece about why the stock’s really rampant, and I’ve got to tell you, it’s going to continue to ramp. Probably goes to $80.”

Newmark Group Inc.: “I did a very close examination of that and I think it’s not a no-brainer. I think it’s fine, but remember, they do own a lot of stock. You could sell it eventually and I think that it’s good, but not amazing. But it’s steady.”

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