Estee Lauder’s CEO makes this stock a beauty

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Estee Lauder: “[CEO] Fabrizio Freda is one of the greatest executives in the world. Buy ’em. Get on the bus of Fabrizio.”

Mastercard: “I think you ought to pull the trigger on Monday because they’re going to blow away the numbers. I like that stock very much.”

Boston Omaha Corp.: “I’ve looked at that company. I don’t like the billboard business. Let’s just say this: sell, sell, sell.”

Citizens Financial Group: “It’s moved up too much. I want you to swap out of that and go to J.P. Morgan.”

Waste Management: “It is a super-de-duper buy. Did you see that buyback they just announced? I’ve been telling club members of the cash flow and the tax regime [are] both fabulous.”

Orbital ATK: “That’s kind of a done deal. I think it’s time for Raytheon and then General Dynamics.”

Gulfport Energy: “No, no, no. We’re going only the highest quality here. We have to go, literally, Schlumberger or Cimarex.”

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