Here Are 7 Gadgets at CES Designed to Help You Sleep Better

Here Are 7 Gadgets at CES Designed to Help You Sleep Better

2018-01-12 17:45:00

While Arianna Huffington would tell you you’re not supposed to bring your smartphone into bed with you, a range of companies at CES this week to showcase the products they’ve created to help you get more rest — many of which integrate with mobile devices.

This is the second consecutive year that CES has had a section devoted to sleep products, called the Sleep Tech Marketplace. While it’s not very big compared with the expo floor real estate other product categories have (e.g. automotive/vehicle technology), the decision by the Consumer Technology Association to give sleep its own section coincides with a couple of ongoing trends.

One, health trackers are huge. Two, many makers of health trackers have realized that, beyond the cool factor, quantifying bodily metrics has no purpose for users if it doesn’t help them better their health. A common refrain across much of the sensor-laden technology at CES is, “What good is all of this data if users don’t know what to do with it?” To be taken seriously, companies have to aggressively demonstrate that they’ll help users go the last mile.

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Even though all humans sleep, the reason for the nightly process is still largely an enigma to scientists, and sleep tech definitely has its share of debunkers, which means sleep tech may have a long way to go. Until then, click through for seven products on display at CES this year that aim to improve your shut-eye.

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