GoPro won’t be bought for more than $1B

Ride through this dip in Tower Semiconductor

GoPro Inc.: “No, I don’t think it’ll be bought. It’s a billion-dollar company that seems to have not a lot going for it. If it’s going to be bought out, it’s probably going to be [for] less than a billion.”

Helmerich & Payne: “Oh, I like Helmerich & Payne. Everyone laughed when they upped the dividend except for them. They are well-run.”

Service Corp. Intl vs. Carriage Services: “Service is the one that everyone knows and I think is a good company. The other one, Carriage, is not that well-known. I’d say stick with Service.”

STMicroelectronics: “I like that stock very much. Now, let’s remember, that group has gotten hot again and we’re starting to circle back. We want to be careful because ASML, [which] reports later this week, could impact that stock.”

Energous Corp.: “No, man. This thing is way too speculative for me. Sell, sell, sell. Maybe something works out, but I’ll just hurt people if I say, ‘Good,’ and it goes up, great. But I could hurt people. I’m not going to hurt people.”

Universal Display: “We’re having pullbacks in these high-multiple, high-growth stocks, so now you have to wait for the pullback in OLED. It’s had a big move. We can wait for a pullback. We do not need to just plunge in. There’s nothing today that is moving it.”

The Carlyle Group: “I think Carlyle’s good. I actually like Blackstone more.”

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