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Currently Under-the-Radar Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) is Helping to Build the Next Generation of Explosive Blockchain Tech Giants!

You simply can’t escape the incredible popularity of the blockchain market today.

It’s the talk of all the news shows … investing experts are constantly speculating on what’s going to happen next in this market … major banks, hedge funds and individual investors are desperately searching for that next big investment opportunity that is going to produce massive gains.

But what if there is a company that is doing the investor’s work for them?  

What if there is a company that right now is creating, funding and empowering entrepreneurs focused on disruptive Blockchain Technology as well as VR/AR/MR, Artificial Intelligence, Personalized Health, Gaming & Film?

Well, that company exists and its name is Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6).

In fact, this company already has built an extensive network of over 20-plus accelerator partnerships in developing tech hubs.

Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) is poised to lead the next generation of blockchain development and despite being named by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top 14 blockchain companies to watch in 2018 it is still flying under the radar of most investors.

That’s why we believe this company could be the #1 blockchain growth stock of 2018.  

But don’t just take our word for it; let us present you with the facts that brought us to this conclusion so you can make up your own mind.

 Blockchain – Destined to be ‘Bigger Than the Internet!’ 

That’s what entrepreneur Brock Pierce believes. He recently told The Times UK that he believes blockchain really “could be bigger than the Internet.”

Why? Because blockchain can be used in industries like insurance, sports betting and e-commerce, among many, many others.

That potential is why major companies like Google and Goldman Sachs are two of the most active investors in blockchain companies today.

Blockchain technology has the ability to digitize, decentralize, secure and incentivize the validation of transactions. To put it another way, this technology is a real game-changer …

And new innovations to blockchain technology are being made almost daily it seems – innovations that could potentially change the way business is done in the future.

In fact, innovations are coming so fast in this market that it can be hard to keep up, let alone identify where the next big innovation is going to come from.

That’s where Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) steps into the picture. This company is using its expertise in company building to identify, incubate, advise and invest in the best blockchain entrepreneurs, helping build the tech titans of the next century.

In doing so, it has positioned itself to be the next breakout blockchain company, where it would join companies like these who have recently surged in value:

HIVE Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE)

Market Cap: $388.28 million

HIVE soared 218% in late 2017, turning a potential $5,000 investment into $15,900.


Market Cap: $146.16 billion

NVIDIA’s stock recently closed at USD $249.27 – up 78.9% from April’s levels and more than 226% over the last 18 months.

Riot Blockchain, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIOT)

Market Cap: $92.45 million

Since opening at $3.62 on May 5, 2017, shares of RIOT have steadily climbed – closing at USD $46.20 on December 19, 2017. That’s a whopping 1176% gain in just seven months’ time.


Market Cap: $158.62 million

BTL has delivered in a huge way for investors over the past 12 months.  Since trading for $1.25 on December 5, 2016, the share price has soared to CAD $18.86 on December 19, 2017 – providing gains of 1409% for investors.  A modest $5,000 investment in BTL would have grown to CAD $70,450 over that span. Ahead of the curve, Victory Square was one of the first investors in BTL Group, and BTL co-found Guy Halford Thompson now sits on Victory Square’s board of directors.

So What Exactly is Victory Square’s Company Building Expertise?

For one thing, the forward-thinking officials behind Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) had the vision that blockchain technology was poised to become the next disruptive technology three years ago … well before the market really took off.

That led them to incubate the first publicly traded blockchain company – Blockchain Technologies Limited (OTC: BTLLF); (CSE: BTL), which we mentioned previously as a blockchain breakout company.

BTL’s early partnership with Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) helped the company grow from merely a great idea … to a publicly-traded firm with a market cap of $125 million.

In fact, BTL is now ranked as a Top 10 Technology Firm on the TSX Venture Exchange. As we mentioned previously, BTL’s stock has been on a steady climb, reaching all-time high levels of CAD $18.86 per share in December of 2017.

BTL Was the First But Definitely Not the Last Company That Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF);(CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) Plans to Help Succeed

Here are a couple more examples of companies Victory Square has recently invested in:

  • Shopin – which aims to revolutionize the world of retail
  • Impact PPA – which is an Ethereum-based decentralized energy platform that seeks to transform the global energy finance industry

These companies placed in the top 3 at the recent North American Bitcoin Conference pitch competition in Miami.

But wait there’s more, much more … 

  • Victory Square recently acquired a 23.1% stake of Cassia for $1.5 million dollars. Cassia is an up-and-coming blockchain focused fintech company that happens to have a leading-edge and forward-thinking wealth management platform.
  • Victory Square is acquiring 28.5% of all issued and outstanding shares of Howyl Ventures Inc. and their decentralized project marketplace platform, Capaciti, for $1 million CAD.

Capaciti will be the first enterprise-grade, decentralized project marketplace in the world. Its technology will fully complement the massive growth in digital freelancing, being driven by a convergence of connectivity, distributed skilled workers, a shift to output-oriented work, and the rise of “gig economy.”

“Our mandate at Victory Square is to invest in and partner with game-changing technology companies that are redefining the markets in which they operate,” said Victory Square’s CEO, Shafin Diamond Tejani. “Howyl’s existing global talent marketplace, combined with deep industry expertise and an exceptionally strong management and technical team, will bring Victory Square into another technology-driven vertical that will experience rapid growth over the next 10 years.”

The addressable market for Capaciti’s initial service offering is substantial. In the U.S. alone, the digital design market is estimated at $720bn/year, with 50% of that spend flowing to outsourced professionals. Howyl’s projected revenue is already on-track to exceed $3 million in 2018.

  • Victory Square is acquiring 100% percent of all issued and outstanding shares of V2 Games Inc., an established mobile games studio with a track record of highly-rated entries on the Apple Store listings, for $2 million CAD.

V2 Games has a rich operating history of licensing large IPs, including PAC-MAN, Hello Kitty, the NFL and the NBA. Fueled by its success in the mobile gaming market, V2 Games evolved as a company and began investing its returns into other companies within the gaming space.

  • Victory Square is acquiring 31.35% percent of all issued and outstanding shares of PayVida Solutions Inc., an emerging payment processing company, for $1.9 million CAD.

The payment processing innovator was appealing to Victory Square given its role in promoting the highest standards in ethics and technology in the payment processing industry worldwide.

“PayVida provides solutions that challenge the existing technologies that most banks and payment processing providers offer,” said Tejani. “They have established themselves by offering less expensive pricing and same-day funding times that merchants have never experienced with today’s leading FinTech giants.”

PayVida will be launching its global payment facilitator platform that will enable merchants and their staff to receive same day funding of daily credit and debit card transactions, tips and related payouts on PayVida’s branded MasterCard® accepted worldwide.

And that’s just a few of Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) many success stories. The company has helped over 50 companies get accepted into Top Tier Accelerators, and has partnerships with Top Tier Industry Organizations, such as:

Plus, Victory Square Doesn’t Just Invest in Blockchain Startups …

The company has an extremely impressive resume when it comes to cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

Victory Square has received a positive ROI on every single coin they’ve purchased. Their total token portfolio ROI is over 1,000%.

Here’s one more example of Victory Square’s “Midas touch:”

  •  It recently invested in the upcoming Rock Token ICO in Gibraltar. This investment positions Victory Square as an early strategic adopter, investor, and partner in the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). In exchange for the investment, the company receives 1.5 million cryptographic tokens, which are known as Rock tokens, and a 10-percent bonus for being an early partner of GBX.

But how Does Victory Square’s Business Model Produce Profits for Investors?

There are actually four components to look at:

  1. Victory Square Technologies makes carefully-vetted equity investments in only the “best-of-the-best” blockchain companies, teams, and ideas.
  2. Victory Square will participate in, advise, market and service leading ICOs (initial coin offerings.)
  3. Victory Square offers liquidity in pre- and post-ICO, public markets, and spin-off opportunities.
  4. Victory Square enjoys monetization success as portfolio companies are acquired.

Here’s an example: in September 2016, Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) acquired FansUnite, one of the leading sports betting platforms in the world, for $2 million. In the coming months, FansUnite will launch its own cryptocurrency “token” which will allow users to buy tokens to bet on sports.

Here’s One More Thing Victory Square Has Going for Itself – An Excellent Management Team

The team includes former executives in professional sports, entertainment, video, media, and film, along with leaders in technology, immersive sports, casinos, horse racing and gaming. Combined there is over 100 years of award-winning entrepreneurial experience on the team. 

Collectively, the company’s management team has founded over 50 companies in 21 countries, generating over $100 million annually.

Plus, that team is lead by Shafin Diamond Tejani, a visionary entrepreneur and business builder who has been growing companies for two decades.

Tejani launched his first company, an online dating website, from his university dorm room at the age of 19 – and since then he has gone on to successfully launch over 40 start-ups of his own in 21 countries, employing hundreds of people and generating over $100 million USD in annual revenues.

Over the years he has received numerous awards, including:

BC Technology Person of the Year

• EY Technology Entrepreneur of the Year• Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award

• Startup Canada Award for Entrepreneur Support

• Canadian Angel Investor of the Year• BIV’s Top Forty Under 40

The Bottom Line on Victory Square Technologies …

Now that you’ve seen the facts, it’s up to you to draw your own conclusions. We believe, after considering all of the above, two things:

  • 1

    The blockchain market is on track for huge future gains as this technology is innovated and adapted to fit into an ever-growing number of markets, such as gaming, accounting and insurance, just to name a few.

  • 2
    Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) is uniquely positioned to benefit from coming blockchain market growth. This company has sought out and found some of the market’s brightest stars and it has a record of nurturing young companies for future success.

If you are like most investors, you can no longer ignore the rapid growth rate of blockchain stocks. The upcoming year could be the ideal time for aggressive investors to consider adding this sector to their portfolios – and we believe that Victory Square Technologies (OTC:VSQTF); (CSE:VST); (FRA: 6F6) is one of the market’s top growth opportunities.


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