Octopus app for business to allow users to pay on merchant mobile devices


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Octopus Cards has launched a new feature to enhance the Octopus App for Business, allowing merchants to accept Octopus card payment through their NFC mobile devices.

Users of all Octopus cards and products (including Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay) can simply tap on the merchants’ NFC mobile devices, which can now also serve as Octopus readers for easy payments.

The feature will be first deployed at around 400 newspaper stalls in Hong Kong, a project made possible with the collaboration of the Coalition of Hong Kong Newspaper and Magazine Merchants. 

Existing Octopus App for Business merchants, as well as other businesses and trades in the city can also make use of this new feature for broader consumer coverage.

The Octopus App for Business is designed to provide a cost-efficient mobile payment solution, to encourage normally cash-based merchants to accept digital payments 

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