Nebeus Crypto Bank rolls out multi-currency crypto prepaid card


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Nebeus Crypto Bank, a UK-based peer-to-peer digital bank, has launched a new card that can streamline cryptocurrency-related functions in a single place.

The primary function of the Nebeus Crypto Bankcard is to facilitate the conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currency and to withdraw it from ATMs around the world. In addition, the card has several other features, which include:

  • The card can be topped up with all major cryptocurrencies for free;

  • The card is accepted in over 40 million locations, and it can be used by consumers across the globe;

  • The Nebeus app or online platform can be used to manage the card and its assets;

  • The Nebeus card can be used in stores, for online payments, or for ATM withdrawals (it can function like a regular debit card);

  • All the users’ cryptocurrencies can be stored in a Crypto Basket;

  • Users who hold 50 Nebeus Tokens (NBTK) are charged zero monthly fees;

  • Users also receive a 2% to 3% monthly cash back on their expenses in the form of NBTK crypto coins.

The Nebeus card comes in three forms: Exo, Rocket, and Virtual (pending). The Nebeus Exo card incurs a one-off fee of USD 69 along with a USD 6.96 monthly fee. It allows the user to withdraw up to USD 1500 USD per day and has a maximum amount load of USD 5000 per day.

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