TSA Precheck, Global Entry credits now offered on lower-annual-fee cards


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Capital One Venture card, Chase United Explorer are latest to add the travel perk

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TSA Precheck, Global Entry credits not just available on high-end rewards cards now

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Speeding through airport security checkpoints is no longer
out of reach for the frequent flyer uninterested in paying a $450 credit card
annual fee. 

Capital One announced this week it would begin reimbursing
Capital One Venture Rewards cardholders when they apply for TSA Precheck or Global Entry, the programs that allow you to skip to the front of the security
screening line prior to heading to your gate – and avoid taking off your shoes. 

Beginning June 12, Venture Rewards cardholders can get a refund for either
the $100 application fee for Global Entry (best for frequent international
travelers) or the $85 fee for TSA Precheck once every four years.

“This offer was created with our
customers in mind,” Cecilia King, a Capital One spokeswoman, wrote in response to emailed
questions. “We know they travel frequently and are
constantly looking for ways to save time and money, and TSA Precheck and
Global Entry helps make travel more efficient.”

TSA Precheck and Global Entry credits used to be a fairly exclusive benefit offered as part of an
extensive package of travel goodies that came with premium rewards cards like
the Chase Sapphire Reserve and The Platinum Card® from American Express. But,
while these cards are extremely valuable to the road warrior, they may not be
worth the annual fees ($450 and $550 respectively) to some travelers.

Venture Rewards waives its $95 annual fee the first year. It’s among a
handful of less expensive cards that come with the credits to speed cardholders through airport security checkpoints. Chase’s United Explorer Card ($95 annual fee, waived the first year) began offering TSA Precheck and Global Entry fee refunds earlier this month.

Other lower-annual-fee cards that offer the perk include:

  • Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card
    ($95 annual fee)
  • Expedia+ Voyager Card ($95 annual fee)
  • U.S. Bank FlexPerks Gold American Express Card
    ($85 annual fee)

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Why TSA Precheck matters

Last month, 92 percent of TSA Precheck passengers waited
less than 5 minutes in line during the security screening process, according to
the Transportation Security Administration. That beats the experience of many
travelers forced to snake back and forth in long security lines.

TSA Precheck benefits

And some 14 percent of consumers have missed a flight in the past 12 months due to long security lines, the Capital One spokeswoman said,
citing data from the issuer’s recent travel survey.

Along with speed, the Precheck designation allows you to
avoid some of the other inconveniences of airport travel. You won’t have to
remove your belts, shoes or light jackets when going through security. And the
TSA says laptops and your see-through toiletry bag can remain stored in your
carry-on gear during the screening process.

Precheck is available at more than 200 airports nationwide.
Before you travel, make sure your airport – and airline – are participants.
Here’s a Precheck location map.

If you already have Global Entry or TSA Precheck, you can
use your travel credit to pay for someone else’s application with your Venture Rewards
card, the spokeswoman said.

Rewards and Explorer card improvements

The Precheck/Global Entry reimbursement benefit is the second major
improvement added to the Venture Rewards card this year.

In January, Capital
One announced a partnership with Hotels.com that allows cardholders to earn 10
miles per dollar spent on reservations booked on Hotels.com with the Venture
Rewards card. 

“We are always thinking about our
customers’ needs and are constantly evaluating new opportunities to help them
save time and money,” King wrote. “We are dedicated to creating
effortless experiences and will continue to evolve the Venture card to
make it a more rewarding and valuable option.”

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On June 1, the Chase United Explorer card boosted rewards that can be earned with the card.

For example, cardholders now earn 2 miles per dollar on hotel stays and 2 miles per dollar on restaurant purchases. Previously, MileagePlus Explorer cardholders earned 1 mile per dollar on all non-United purchases.

In addition to the TSA Precheck and Global Entry $100 credit, Explorer cardholders also get a 25 percent discount on in-flight purchases (including Wi-Fi, food and beverages).

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