APEX Releases KRATOS One — Multi-wave early node incentives : CryptoCurrency


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About 2 weeks after releasing the APEX Node Ecosystem Preliminary Overview paper, Apex Network is launching a multi-wave incentives program for early node holders.

With the main the main special node programs to go live in Q4 2018 around the time of testnet launch, Apex Network just announced KRATOS One, a prelude program to Special Node Programs APEXION and KRATOS

KRATOS One consists of a series of 3 rewards (Waves 1,2,3) spread across a period of 4 months (July to October). CPX holders that qualify for Voter Node tiers Genesis (400k CPX), T1 (200k CPX) and T2 (70k CPX) can qualify for KRATOS One


  • Snapshot: Wednesday July 18, 2018 8PM Beijing Time

  • Rewards:

    • T2: 700 CPX

    • T1: 3000 CPX

    • Genesis: 8000 CPX

  • Claim form released: July 25th

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