Rabobank selects ACI Worldwide for card portfolio business


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ACI Worldwide has announced that Rabobank will use ACI Issuer to modernise the management of its card portfolio business.

The solution will allow Rabobank to issue new payment products, including all card types and new tokenised payment products, to meet the demands of today’s consumers and corporate customers.

ACI’s card management solution is expected to help in establishing new, alternative revenue streams. Additionally, Rabobank uses ACI products and solutions, including UP BASE24-eps as well as UP Immediate Payments, which has enabled the institution to ready itself for the evolution of instant payments and Open Banking in Europe.

Key features of ACI Issuer:

  • enables financial institutions to manage all card types and portfolios in different countries and for different issuers on a single platform with a common infrastructure, architecture and technology strategy;

  • supports national, international and global financial institutions and has multi-currency, multi-product, multi-institution and multi-language functionalities;

  • supports multiple card programs and product types on the same platform;

  • provides a consolidated view of all customers and their transactions through a single database, supporting easy integration with other ACI products.

For more information about ACI Worldwide, please check out a detailed profile of this company in our dedicated, industry-specific online company database.

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