Monarch Sounds Like Mass Adoption to Me


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Monarch Blockchain Corporation was created in 2017, with the mission of knocking down the barriers that cryptocurrency faces in reaching mass adoption. Monarch looks to be the ultimate payment solution for both businesses and consumers, combining a merchant plugin for online stores with an easy-to-use, Patent Pending wallet.

The first point that separates Monarch Blockchain Corp. from the pack is that they built and released a beautiful cryptocurrency wallet (that supports over 1,500 cryptocurrencies) before their Token Generation Event began. They also have a Patent Pending solution for decentralizing recurring blockchain payments to allow you to pay your rent, Netflix or car payment in cryptocurrency. Users can pay for anything in cryptocurrency using Monarch, and Monarch will pay the businesses in fiat, protecting businesses from daily market volatility.

Monarch’s President Robert Beadles quotes: “The biggest problem in crypto is it’s confusing for most to grasp how to use it and is tainted with the words bubble and scam. When platforms like Monarch come to fruition that focus on ease of use for consumers in where they can enjoy all the benefits of safe, quick and easy cryptocurrency transactions the terms like scam and bubble will dissipate and words like awesome and mainstream adoption will become prevalent.”

Monarch Has A Team Of Blockchain Visionaries, Including LinkedIn Co-Founder Eric Ly

Monarch’s team and advisory board is comprised of blockchain visionaries. CEO Sneh Bhatt was a systems engineer for Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Shire before entering blockchain. He co-founded Cryptosomniac, an ICO marketing agency that has launched many prestigious projects. Monarch’s President Robert Beadles is a serial entrepreneur, building and selling businesses for over 20 years. He’s the current CEO of blockchain development firm, the Monarch creators, Splash Factory.

Their advisory board contains significant industry titans, starting with Eric Ly, the co-founder of LinkedIn. They have world-class blockchain developers to help guide them through the development process, David Zimbeck (BitHalo/BitBay) and Dmitri Nazarov (Genesis Vision) the actual creator of the “smart contract” which was picked up by Ethereum as commonplace.

Monarch Has Announced Official Partnerships With Listia, Blockchain Terminal, And Genesis Vision

Other cryptocurrency projects have seen the solutions that Monarch presents, such as Listia, a cryptocurrency-based marketplace similar to eBay or Craigslist. Listia has entered an official partnership with Monarch Blockchain Corp. to use Monarch as a payment processor and wallet for its 10 million active users. Not long after, Blockchain Terminal (BCT) heard of what Monarch was building. Blockchain Terminal serves the wealth management sector, offering an ecosystem of institutional grade tools for its users. Monarch will be the official cold storage solution for BCT’s clientele. BCT’s integration into Monarch will also enable Monarch’s users to trade across 150+ exchanges when released in early 2019. This will allow Monarch users to trade at the best prices for “Exchange Arbitrage.”

After both of these partnerships, the highly regarded project Genesis Vision (GVT) had boarded the Monarch train, deciding to also use Monarch as a wallet solution. As a platform for the private trust management market, the solution they will use is Monarch’s recurring payment ability, so GVT’s users can make monthly cryptocurrency contributions to their ETFs.

You may have seen Monarch’s name in ESPN or at NASCAR, as Monarch made cryptocurrency history as the first crypto wallet to sponsor a NASCAR driver, Corey LaJoie last month. Monarch recently collaborated with for a joint sponsorship of Rick Ware Racing’s #51 Chevrolet, being driven by Reed Sorenson this weekend in Bristol.

Read about the joint sponsorship here.

If Monarch Blockchain Corporation keeps on this trajectory, there is no doubt they’ll continue to grow their user base into the mainstream adoption category. They currently have thousands of downloads of their mobile wallet. With a growing community of nearly a 100,000 on Facebook and thousands more on Telegram etc, Monarch shows no signs of slowing down.

“Our Mission is to make Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Assets actually usable, no more confusion and excuses to why the majority of the population still hasn’t adopted this game-changing tech. The Market needs it. We’re building it.” – Sneh @ Monarchtoken.ioDownload the Latest Mobile and Desktop Application here:







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