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Hey Guys, I’m a small time miner and I came across a coin that caught my attention with what I think has a promising future. This coin I came across is called Graft or GRFT, it runs on the Cryptonote Algorithm with a total supply of 1,844,674,400 coins. It’s block time is 120 seconds (2minutes).

What is the coin? Graft is a open-sourced, blockchain-based, decentralized payment gateway and processing platform. (Basically a decentralized PayPal that can be used on credit card readers “Verifone Readers”). It currently has a very well made phone app (IOS and Android) where you can send funds and recieve and a desktop app where you can stake coins. What makes it special? Verifone, the company that makes the machines that you use when you purchase items at stores has Certified Graft as a alternative method payment app which will be included in the Verifone marketplace. The developers are also very active community members not only in chats and on Bitcoin Talk threads. We also are almost closing in on 6 thousand telegram members. Currently Graft is listed on 3 exchanges Trade OGRE, Cryptopia, and Stock.Exchange. The developers are always working on more exchanges to come.

In conclusion, personally Graft is one of the more promising coins that I have researched with a active community, busy and connected devs, and large company acceptance.


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By: Aaron L

*disclamer: i myself am “invested” in this coin by mining*

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