The Unbanked is the Biggest Untapped Market for Crypto : CryptoCurrency


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The decisive moment for crypto adoption is going to be mass adoption by the unbanked. I am talking about the billions of people in Africa and Asia who are just getting smart phones for the first time and who are shafted the worst by Central Banks with the fake paper money. They have the most to gain from cryptocurrency, and once the initial technical barriers are overcome eventually it is going to turn from a trickle into a flood.

This is why I think any projects with this segment as their target are going to take off. Stellar in particular comes to mind but there are others as well.

Everyone makes a big deal about AI, IoT, etc. etc., but honestly all this stuff is first world problems.

They always talk about how in business you have to focus on solving problems. The fact is that the last thing people in industrialized countries need is more money.

The problems faced by the unbanked are probably the most serious problems facing humanity, and this market taken as a whole has huge untapped potential.

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