Mastercard announces real-time bill payment


Mastercard announces system coming in 2019 to pay bills almost instantly

Fred O. Williams

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Mastercard announces real-time bill payment

Making instant payments to your credit card, phone company,
mortgage lender and other businesses is coming a step closer – helping reduce
the incidence of late fees.

Mastercard announced
a near real-time bill payment platform
, called Bill Pay Exchange, with
185,000 billing companies on board, will start in 2019.

“Mastercard is accelerating its vision of digitizing all forms of
payments to make life simple, seamless and secure,” said a statement from Colleen
Taylor, executive vice president for Mastercard New Payment Flows, North

“Consumers will have
access to the faster payments technology if it’s offered through their bank or
credit union,” she said in an email interview.

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Speeding up payments is a priority for the U.S. Federal Reserve.
Other nations have leaped ahead of the U.S., increasing transaction efficiency and
reducing costs for consumers and businesses.

According to research by Deloitte,
Mexico, Sweden and the United Kingdom are already on the road to enabling
payments in real time, particularly from consumers to businesses and

Mastercard said that partnerships with ACI Worldwide, Aliaswire,
Inlet and Transactis will help connect consumers to companies that issue bills.
The payment platform will streamline setup, so consumers don’t need to enter
billing addresses.

“The ability to present bills in real time and transform the
speed of payments opens up doors to create a better experience for banks,
billers and payers,” Hoss Mohsenzadeh, President and CEO of Aliaswire Inc.,
said in a statement.

How real-time payments work

The fast payment system is moving to the “credit-push”
model, where consumers authorize and send payments to companies from their bank
account. Existing “debit-pull” models, initiated by companies, are
more vulnerable to fraudsters who obtain consumers’ account information,
Deloitte’s study said.

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Near real-time payment expands on the same-day ACH batch
of transactions. Participating banks and credit unions can set
up faster bill pay that completes transactions in minutes instead of days.
Messaging systems confirm the account exists and has funds available, while the
Automated Clearing House payment “rails” complete the settlement of
funds between banks.

Speeding payments should help businesses as well as consumers
increase efficiency and reduce costs, according to Deloitte’s study.

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