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Zhao Dong is sure the whole 2019 will be bearish and now it’s the best time to buy and hodl. Zhao is Chinese crypto billionaire and known OTC trader.

He also advised to stock up as many BTC as possible while the general population tends to cool down its attention to coins.

 “ For most people, if they do not pay attention to bitcoin now, they will not pay much attention to most of the time,” Mr. Zhao said, “ and they will notice the market again only when bitcoin reach a height of many tens of thousand of dollars.”

Dong is cautiously optimistic about the value of btc and other coins on the long run. He is also sure that what’s happening now is crypto winter in its finest (surprise!), and the spring’ll come only next year being replaced by the summer by 2021.

“ More crypto projects and companies will die this year, but meanwhile the next wave of more promising ones will emerge from ashes, making 2019 both the best time and the worst time for investors and entrepreneurs. The only thing you need is patience.” 

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