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If you’re reading this, I hope you’re as excited for ETHDenver as I am. Development is at an all-time high and it’s never been more exciting to be part of this decentralized world. Keep on buidling!

I’m writing to let you folks attending ETHDenver know that the development team behind the ERC-20 token XYO will be at the event and need YOUR help, as all these projects do. One of the things they want is the following: help them build out the user interface for onboarding a diviner, one of the key elements within the XYO geolocation network. There are prizes going out to the winners! It would be helpful to follow the Payable on Delivery Demo prior to figuring out an onboarding process.

You did read that correctly; one of the things this project makes possible, running on ETH, is a payable-on-delivery smart contract. XYO actually demonstrated an example of this at their inaugural Spatial conference back in November, using a drone delivery system that only executed an ETH smart contract once the drone interacted with one of the real world XYO devices:

Here is the link to all the developer tools they have ready for the conference, which includes a simple dApp deployment tool (dApploy) and a smart contract creation environment (dApper). It also lists all the developer challenges they are putting out there and is a treasure trove of resources:

Also take a look at their color coded papers to fully understand the network here:

Make sure you don’t miss the Proof of Location panel Saturday morning 10:10-10:45 on the Bufficorn stage to learn more about the grand vision. Arie Trouw (CEO of XYO), Marcus East of National Geographic, and Cameron Schorg of DISH will be speaking about all the possibilities this technology can bring to the real world.

And lastly, and thanks for bearing with me, also check out XYO’s new app COIN, which enables real world geomining. Available on iOS and Android:

If you like what you see, keep up to date with XYO on their subreddit r/XYONetwork , follow their updates on their Medium blog, and most importantly, HELP BUIDL!

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