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Lyft’s $87 opening price is a “win for the system,” even though it may have been a loss for investors that were overeager, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Friday.

“I cannot stress this enough: we’re at the start of an IPO season that looks on track to bring a trillion dollars’ worth of companies public,” the “Mad Money” host said. “These deals will be the big story going forward.”

In Lyft’s debut on the Nasdaq, more than 6 million shares were traded at the open after more than 32 million stocks sold for $72 each in the initial offer. That’s $15 less than the opening price tag.

“I think the brokers would’ve preferred for Lyft to open at a lower level, but market orders from buyers with no discipline … ended up stretching the valuation at the open, even as the stock ultimately drifted lower, closing at $78,” he said.

Because of the high order volume, the share price could have surged as high as $100 at the opening gate, Cramer said.

But the syndicate desks released some of the buyers who had pledged to hold on to the stock to actually try to keep the stock down, so they could limit the losses for people who bought at the opening that was just unsustainable,” he said.

There’s a case to own Lyft at $80, but $5 cheaper would be even better, Cramer said.

Uber and Lyft have a 60/40 split of market share and it will be to imagine a duopoly in a raged price war, he said.

Here’s Cramer’s game plan for next week:

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