FTSE 100 companies fall short in reporting workforce issues



FTSE 100 companies fall short when reporting workforce issues, according to research by the Pension and Lifetime Savings Association.

Just 3% of top U.K. companies listed on London Stock Exchange disclose mental health sickness rates and ethnicity pay gaps, while 7% disclose age diversity, the research found.

For blue-chip companies the time lost to injuries rose 5 percentage points to 31% in December, compared to 26% in June 2017.

However, PLSA found the reporting of aggregated turnover rates improved to 31% vs. 18% in the same period.

More than half of FTSE 100 companies reported a gender pay gap at the director and managerial level, while 52% reported a pay gap among the entire workforce.

Disclosure of the level of employee share ownership also improved to 18% from 5%, according to the research.

“High-quality workforce reporting is key to better outcomes for companies, investors and workers,” said Caroline Scott, policy lead for investment and stewardship at the PLSA, in a news release. “Therefore, investors, policymakers and civil society must continue to push companies to provide better information in these areas.”

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