Accept Nano Payments on WordPress : CryptoCurrency


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Link to WordPress plugin page:

Link to Demo site:

Released v0.1.0 (beta) for now. Ready for feedback/bug reports!

The Idea: Accept Nano as payment to view content on your WordPress site. You can replace ads on your site by offering premium paid content. Micro-transactions for some content, larger amounts for more substantial content. You decide. We use BrainBlocks so you can decide price in USD or whatever currency you like, automatically converted when your page loads for the user. User scans the QRCode or sends the transaction through the wallet of their choice, the transaction is detected at Nano speed, and the page reloads with the paid content visible.

Use Cases:

  • Premium post/page that requires payment to view

  • Extended/Extra content to an existing post/page

  • Paid feature like an image with watermark removed

How it works:

  • Add a shortcode to your post/page – [somenano_paywall]

  • All content below the shortcode will be hidden until a payment is made

  • User views your content and decides they want more

  • User scans QRCode or sends transaction from a wallet

  • Transaction is detected at Nano speed and page reloads with paid content

Screenshot (more available on the WordPress plugin page):

Example of what a user would see when visiting your post

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