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Best places to hone your credit card reward strategies

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Banks cracking down on reward card applications

A lot of people are realizing there is
a lot of value in credit card rewards. That growing appetite is
pushing card companies to devise new and better ways to attract customers. 

And the field is becoming more lucrative. According to research
by First Annapolis Consulting
, the maximum earning rate for credit card
rewards has increased 38 percent this decade, while the value of sign-up
bonuses nearly doubled. That’s a rewards bonanza for people who can stay on top
of the new offers and take advantage of them.

But how do you do that? If you’re just now tuning in to
the world of credit card rewards, how do you get your questions answered and
find the information and card deals you need?

There is no shortage of information.
Typing “credit card rewards” into Google returns nearly 50 million results. But
if you’re looking to hone your reward skills, here are some places you might
consider looking: has been bulking up its coverage
of rewards programs
for some time. We have regular contributors who write
every week about rewards and plenty of helpful articles and videos. If you
can’t find the answer to a question, just ask. The
site also offers reviews
of rewards cards
 and tools such as WalletUp
and CardMatch to
help you find the right card. 

Blogs. Whatever
your interest, there’s a blog for it, and credit card rewards is no exception.
Everybody will have a personal favorite, but some of the best-known card reward
blogs include The Points Guy, Million Mile Secrets and View from the Wing. (Full disclosure: The Points Guy and Million Mile Secrets are part of the family.)

find that many of these blogs seem to be oriented toward hardened road warriors, business
travelers who are accustomed to flying internationally in business or first
class. But they’ll often also have tips and news for those seeking more basic
information than reviews of Emirates’ first-class seats out of Dubai.

Discussion groups.
The most venerable online discussion group is Flyertalk, which,
despite its name, has forums discussing credit cards and rewards that go far
beyond just airlines. It is an older interface and sometimes tough to navigate,
but there are detailed discussions of every reward program.

Video: Credit card reward hacks

A newer addition is
a Reddit group called r/churning,
which has detailed daily discussions of credit card reward news and offers.
You’ll need to learn some of the shorthand, such as “5/24” (the Chase rule limiting
the number of card approvals to five in 24 months), “VGCs” (Visa gift cards)
and “MS” (manufactured spending, an advanced and sometimes risky technique to
boost rewards).

You can’t necessarily believe everything you read on discussion groups, but you can
glean helpful information. 

Card issuer
While blogs and forums can offer advice and help you learn some
of the tricks of the trade, it is also helpful to look periodically at the
websites of card issuers. You might also follow them on Twitter. Generally, the
biggest card issuers tend to have the financial resources to offer the biggest
rewards, so look closely at the offers from American Express, Bank of America,
Barclaycard, Capital One, Chase and Citi. 

These are all good places to start. As with most topics on
the internet, you’ll find that if you are so inclined, you could spend hours
reading about credit card rewards and working to understand how to find the
best deals for you.

Once you develop a basic understanding, you can put your
knowledge into action and tap another source of information: personal

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