Energy Transfer Partners is worst in show

Under Armour might just turn around

Energy Transfer Partners: “I hope you’re only looking for information, not one to pull the trigger [on], because I’ve got to tell you that is worst in show. I can’t stand it and it’s wrecking the whole group because it’s so big it pulls it down. Stay away.”

Allergan PLC: “It can’t catch a break. Now there’s a new one. Sage Therapeutics has got a competitive drug to something that they may be doing for depression. The other day we saw another company, Revance [Therapeutics], have a competitive product to Botox. Doesn’t matter that the CEO, Brent Saunders, just bought a lot of stock. Nothing matters. This stock is a one-way stock. It is the anti-bitcoin.”

Gentex: “I’m kind of OK on it. Look, it does vision safety. That’s a good area. I’m going to endorse it. A lot of the moves occurred.”

First Data Corporation: “OK, First Data Corp’s owned by [Cramer’s charitable trust] ActionAlerts. They had a crummy quarter, frankly. I was not happy with it at all. I think the CEO should come on. I think the company has stalled. I liked it, did a lot of work on it. Right now, I’m feeling awful wrong about FDC.”

MasTec, Inc.: “Oh, man, I really like that utility upgrade at a time when we have all of these hurricanes. That is a wise idea.”

Atmos Energy Corporation: “It’s one of my favorites. It distributes natural gas and it’s doing a great job of it. I say you stay long it.”

Cisco Systems, Inc.: “I think [CEO] Chuck Robbins is doing a good job. I would hold onto Cisco.”

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