Auto stocks like GM are not my cup of tea

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General Motors: “I don’t like the auto stocks. It’s just has not been my cup of tea.”

U.S. Steel: “Why would you want to do that when we have Nucor finally breaking out on what I regard as an infrastructure play?”

Axon Enterprise: “This was the old Taser, and we like it. We think it’s doing well.”

Alkermes: “I’m partial to Alkermes. I think that [CEO] Richard Pops has done a good job. There’s periodically some negative press on their drug Vivitrol. I think that’s a mistake. It’s really good.”

Sprint: “OK, Sprint’s a real long-term situation. If you want shorter-term, it’s T-Mobile and if you want income, it’s going to be Verizon.”

IPG Photonics Corporation: “It’s a little too hot for me, up 100 percent. That may be not my style. I’d like you to take some off the table.”

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