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Citi cards add up to two years extended warranty

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QuestionDear Cashing In,
you point me in the right direction for a replacement Visa card with two-year
extended warranty? 

My current favorite card is a Citi Hilton Visa, but it is
being discontinued at the end of January 2018. It is fantastic because it
offers a two-year additional parts and labor warranty to whatever warranty is
on the product. The value of the extended warranty makes the other benefits
pale in comparison, when you consider the cost of extended warranties.

Can you
recommend a Visa card that has the awesome warranty benefits of the Hilton
Visa? – Steve

AnswerDear Steve,
warranties fall into the category of benefits on a rewards card that you
probably don’t think about too much. There are some benefits that are so common
that people tend not to consider them when signing up for a card.

It is like
car-rental insurance and price protection guarantees: Most rewards cards come
with them, however, Discover announced that it was discontinuing extended warranties on its cards after Feb. 18, 2018. 

question is a good reminder as people are out shopping for the holidays that
when they buy an expensive item – say, a new TV or a washing machine – and the
cashier tries to sell an extended warranty, it’s OK to say no if you are paying
with a rewards card that offers that benefit.

Many cards from major issuers come with extended warranties.
Some card networks also offer this benefit, such as Visa Signature cards. 

extended warranties from card issuers last for up to a year in addition to any
manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the product. If you buy an extended
warranty from the retailer, then the credit card extended warranty usually
starts after that.

The extended warranties usually follow the same terms as the
manufacturer’s warranty. The credit card extended warranties typically do not
apply to boats or cars and certain other items.

you submit a claim, you have to include your original receipt, a copy of the
manufacturer’s warranty, a copy of your credit card statement and other
documentation. If your claim is approved, you will be reimbursed for the
expense of fixing it, assuming you had the item repaired by an authorized
repair center. 

are correct that Citi seems to offer the most generous extended warranty terms of all the major
issuers, in that it extends warranties by a full two years. This seems to apply
to most Citi cards, including American AAdvantage cards, ThankYou cards, Citi
Double Cash, and co-branded cards with other partners. 

having two years instead of one for an extended warranty is important to you,
then consider a different Citi card. Unfortunately, Hilton is switching to
American Express, so you will have to decide on a different rewards card.

Depending on what other types of rewards you like to earn, you might consider a
card with no annual fee, such as Citi Double Cash (2 percent cash back on all
purchases) or the Citi ThankYou Preferred card (double points on dining out and
entertainment, redeemable for travel, gift cards, and merchandise).

If you’re
really fond of Hilton, you might also consider a Citi ThankYou Premier card
(annual fee: $95, waived first year), because it earns triple points on travel,
double points on dining out and entertainment, and you can transfer ThankYou
points to Hilton at a rate of 1,000 ThankYou points to 1,500 Hilton Honors

for the reminder about extended warranties, and good luck with a new card.

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