Bank Muamalat Indonesia announces NSICCS compliance


Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI) has announced that it is now fully compliant with the National Standard Indonesian Chip Card Specification (NSICCS) on issuing and acquiring.

The project was completed with the support of OpenWay, whose WAY4-branded card processing solutions BMI uses. The company helped make this possible by supporting issuance of dual application cards – international VSDC (Visa) and domestic NSICCS – and setup of 6-digital online PIN in the WAY4 processing system. BMI can also service NSICCS-compliant cards across its ATM and POS networks. 

NSICCS is a national standard for chip cards which Bank Indonesia has nominated as the payment technology benchmark for all ATM and debit card providers in the country, according to the press release. It aims to upgrade the national payment system to an international level. Adoption of NSICCS is one of the phases in the implementation of the National Payment Gateway focused on strengthening the independence of the Indonesian payment system and increase interoperability between all payment instruments and channels in the country.

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