It’s OK to buy into speculative stock Puma

ADP is 'in the sweet spot' of this economy

Puma Biotechnology Inc.: “OK, Puma is incredibly speculative and the speculative stuff right now is going down. That’s when you have to buy it rather than chasing it. So you’re alright in this one for me.”

Under Armour: “I think [CEO Kevin] Plank’s back on his game. I think he took his eye off the game and now he’s back, and it’s going to take a little while, but I think he can do it.”

Enbridge Inc. USA: “I think this whole group is about to move up with the price of West Texas [Intermediate crude] being well under Brent [crude] and that Enbridge is good to own with a 5.4 percent yield.”

Casey’s General Stores Inc.: “No, that was a bad quarter. It had no two ways about it. I can’t come up with a good thing to say, so I won’t because my grandmother always said if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say it.”

LendingClub Corp.: “No, don’t buy more LendingClub. They should take that LendingClub and wrap it up in a blue apron and throw it away.”

Tractor Supply Company: “We had them on. I thought they told a good story. It’s down and out. A lot of stocks are down and out. I think they’re going to rotate back into it. I’m OK with it.”

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