I prefer Disney to Twenty-First Century Fox

ADP is 'in the sweet spot' of this economy

Twenty-First Century Fox: “I think it’s fine. I think the stub is going to be worth a lot. I do absolutely prefer Disney. Why not go buy Disney? That’s the better [option].”

Chimera Investment Corp.: “You can never even tell what they own. And I’m not going to recommend the stock of a company where I do not know what they own.”

Intel: “That stuff [about faulty chips] is nonsense. There was some degradation. It will not even matter. You will not look back. You will not be able to see why that stock went down. I trust [CEO] Brian Krzanich. He’s a good man. If he tells me the problem’s solved, the problem is solved.”

Exelon Corporation: “No, I prefer to make [mad money] in Dominion, American Electric Power, which has come down a great deal, or ConEd, which has also gotten hammered.”

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