Hormel’s one of the few food stocks I like

Under Armour might just turn around

Hormel Foods Corp.: “I like Hormel. One of the few food stocks with great growth.”

Acuity Brands: “This is too many [missed] quarters, Acuity.”

Greenbrier Companies: “Greenbrier’s interesting, but you know, when I speak of rails, I always speak of Union Pacific.”

Baidu Inc.: “I like Baidu. It’s one of the only Chinese stock I’m recommending other than Alibaba.”

Vale: “Look, it’s $13. You can wait until it comes back up, but it really is pure commodity and I’m not going to recommend it because my charitable trust lost too much money in the stock. Bad feelings.”

Howard Hughes: “That stock, I feel, I’m not crazy about. Why? Because Bill Ackman is a big shareholder [and] once told me it’s going to go to the moon and he’s been a seller, so that makes me feel like don’t buy, don’t buy, don’t buy.”

Symantec Corporation: “There’s too many good companies in that space. I am going to say buy Palo Alto Networks.”

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