Buy Cisco before its earnings report

Don't be greedy, buy Celgene here

AU Optronics Corp.: “OK, if you’re new – and you don’t want to buy a Taiwanese company to start – [and] you want to buy in that area, you want to buy Cisco. [CEO] Chuck Robbins is redoing everything. Get in Cisco before the quarter.”

Mondelez Intl: “I think the stock is inexpensive and the group is starting to get a couple bids underneath. I think that you could do far worse than buying Mondelez.”

Mitsubishi Financial Group: “You know what, you actually should [add Mitsubishi to your portfolio]. I’ve been working on Japan and that is a great way to play Japan. I’m going to endorse that.”

JetBlue: “JetBlue is OK. I’m actually talking about Southwest. My charitable trust should not have sold it. It had a gain. If LUV comes back when it reports [on Jan. 25], that’s the one to be in.”

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