The First Innovative 24hrs FIXED-PRICE Trading Platform


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The much anticipated, all new Oju X exchange has been officially released for its first operational phase, and developed as a unique cryptocurrency platform, which will expand to redefine what can be achieved within an integrated exchange, phone App and wallet system.

Oju Group founder, Wu Di explained: “Oju X is about ‘U’: Unique, Useful and Universal, putting ‘U’ (You) in control. Unique, meaning we develop secure, self-reliant proprietary technologies which do not rely on outside or third parties. Useful, because our goal is to create a hassle-free, user-friendly exchange with multiple functionality, and Universal, as we aim to make Oju X, and other technologies, accessible to everyone, whether they have a bank account or not.” 

Other unique features will include a daily exchange rate for OjuT, its cryptocurrency, relative to US$, which will be updated every 24 hours. The algorithm, THE X Formula, determining the daily price of OjuT on this exchange, will include but not limited to the trading volume, online/offline demand and supply, and number of OjuT in circulation, relative to US$, thus helping to avoid some of the extremes driven by intra-day/short-term volatility within the general cryptocurrency exchanges. 

The Secret of the ‘X’ Formula represents the ultimate mathematical algorithm for determining real free-market trading dynamics, and was devised to help Oju X trading platform lead the world into a post-manipulative era, shaping a trust-less economic future for humanity in the years to come.

Oju X is built on IVN technology, a totally new, self-developed, encryption system of utmost security, linked to both your personal email, and a built-in proprietary two factor authentication device, making the platform intuitive as well as simple to use. 

Following on from this first phase launch of Oju X, other exceptional features are already being developed, in tandem with the phone App, to create a full-fledged portal with many other channels which will completely change the way people currently think about cryptocurrency usage and exchange trade practices. 

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