‘We Are Going to Make Money on This Thing’

'We Are Going to Make Money on This Thing'

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This week, our investors question if there is even a market for the contestants’ entrepreneurial ideas.

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You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you can get at least part of it. On this week’s episode of Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch, our panel of high-profile investors are extra cautious and show that sometimes, it’s better to take things slow.

Every week, contestants on the show enter the Entrepreneur Elevator and have 60 seconds to deliver their product pitch as they make their way to the judges’ floor. Once the time is up, the investors have only a few seconds to decide if they want to open the doors and let the entrepreneur into the boardroom to discuss a possible deal, or send them back down.

On this week’s episode, one woman shares her not-so-new way to rep school spirit, and another tries to stop ad fraud with a diagram that she herself doesn’t quite understand. As one investor admits to her, “I fell asleep a little bit.” Two friends look to create a niche Tinder, but the investors worry that dating apps may be overdone.

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The energy shifts in the room when a pair of contestants pitch what they, and other health-conscious women, want in the bedroom. They even present samples, but warn the judges, “Don’t eat it!” Plus, the investors discuss a way to protect themselves in case they invest in risky business. And what happens when investors like the inventor better than the idea?

Watch the streamed episode above, on Facebook or on YouTube. And don’t forget: You can be an investor even though you aren’t on our panel. Head to the Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch landing page and support the entrepreneur you think has the next billion-dollar idea via crowdfunding.

Head’s up! Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch is taking next week off for the Independence Day holiday, but check back July 11 for this season’s penultimate episode.

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