This is the point on the chart where the “Nano Whale” ran out of coins to sell off… : CryptoCurrency


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After selling off nearly 2 million Nano over the last several months, he finally ran out of coins at this point on the 12-hr chart. There were a few naysayers who said it wouldn’t make a difference when he ran out, but price action has been in a pretty steady uptrend ever since which tells me otherwise. Of course there are other factors at play as Bitcoin has made some progress in the midst of this, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are seeing a nice recovery in Nano after the death grip has been released. It was pounded for weeks by this notorious whale who timed his massive sell-offs during the worst of drops, and sold below market on KuCoin which already has low volume, having maximum downward pressure on Nano for the last few months.

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