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Hi everyone, we have just launched Crypto Cards! 🙂

What are Crypto Cards?

It’s a party card game (real, not digital) that you can play with your family and friends. It’s a game where you can win even during a bear market. 😉

How do you play it?

Each player receives 3 cards at the start. Some of the cards are value cards, such as Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. The person who has the biggest portfolio of value cards in the end wins.

Then there are the action cards, which you use to “fight” other players in order to increase your portfolio. Examples of action cards are a Hacker card (you can steal a card from one of your opponents), an ICO card (an opponent must “invest” one of their value cards in you) or an Airdrop card which gives you the rights to an additional card from the draw pile.

The only card you want to avoid at all cost is the Bitconnect card. It reduces your portfolio by half:

How can this game get more people into crypto?

Because you can use it to educate your friends about the crypto world.

Each of the cards has a motive that represents something crypto-related (airdrop, SEC, ICO, China ban etc.).

For example, the Monero coin has a finger on its lips, saying “shhh”. You can use this motive to explain to your friends that Monero is a privacy-oriented coin and how it’s different in this regard to (for example) Bitcoin.

Where can I find out more about Crypto Cards?

Check out our website at

What do you think about it? Looking forward to your feedback! 🙂

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