“The online advertising space is broken, let’s fix it”. A platform which fortune 500 companies and government bodies run pilots on, with a 2m USD marketcap. : CryptoCurrency


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Adbank has recently shared the stage with high ranking officers from IBM and MADnetwork infront of the advertising space elite in NYC at an Adweek event on blockchain (The biggest advertising and branding focused publication).

Adweek’s Third Elevate Installment Shed Light on Blockchain’s Effect on Advertisers and Publishers

It’s clear that the online ad space is plagued by adfraud (over 50m USD lost per day due to adfraud) and high markups (up to 80%) by middlemen, a perfect problem for a blockchain based ad-tech company to provide a solution for.

whats even better is, Adbank already has a fully working platform, which has been piloted by the Austrian Government body ANTO and RedBulls media department, with a successfull outcome, which has several fortune 500 companies “flocking” to have a piece of this tech. With a working product, next step for Adbank is to “train” their AI with real data, and they need loads of it, so you can expect several pilots and updates on this part from adbank in hte coming months!

The pilot with ANTO and RedBull was published on Forbes aswell, where we see only articles about big crypto names, what is Adbank doing there with a marketcap of 2M USD?


Well, there’s a pretty simple explanation to that; they have a contract with an award winning PR company 1milk2sugars, who have diligently worked towards positioning adbank infront of every CMO there is. I dont think marketing will be an issue for Adbank.

Another astonishing achievement by Adbank is that they actually founded the IAB (International Advertising Beurau) Blockchain commitee. Every single entity who is something in the advertising space is apart of the IAB. Including proctor&gamble, L’Oreal, McDonalnds, Facebook, Google, everyone.

kelsey, CSO of Adbank, being awarded at the UN

There is just so much this Canadian powerhouse has achieved within a year after it’s ICO, including speaking at the UN infront of the world leaders on blockchain, partnering with QNYcreative (A NY based ad agency with clients such as L’Oreal, Ferrari, Bentley, Levi’s and national geography excited to try out their tech), launch their own crypto-adnetwork intergalactic ads, launch a working platform which many crypto/blockchain companies have yet to do, Numerous partnerships with crypto projects, several top notch employments and so much more which you can find here in their blog at https://medium.com/@adbank

They truly are building the foundations, setting themselves up to take the advertising space by storm. Don’t sleep on this GEM at 2M USD, DYOR and join the telegram if you have any questions at all.

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